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Why are you still following this blog? 

I’ve moved here

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Shameless Glee RPG promotion! 

This is my new RPG I just came up with and some friends helped. 

Go look at it, we need everyone except Rachel!


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Listening to Auld Lang Syne by Lea Michele over and over 



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I have a science final this afternoon. 


There is a big possibility that I might fail, but I studied my ass off. So I need to raise my high C to a B at least…

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And here is me reacting to the Finchel hate: 


Just because your OTP is not a canon on the show or they have never actually had the chance to get together doesn’t mean that you need to hate on the most perfect couple I have ever seen or loved. 

Rachel has never had to change for Finn, never. She’s always done what she has wanted. She is strong and independent and she loves him, they go together and they work together perfectly. When I think of them being together, it gives me chills and I nod my head because I’m just like ‘They are going to be together forever and your argument is completely invalid’. 

Rachel knows what she wants and she knows what Finn wants after high school, yet they still stay together and be together because they know it will work no matter what happens. 

They are just perfect okay? Don’t diss the Finchel because they are WONDERFUL.



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Your argument is invalid. 

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The 12th gif in your folder is how you’re going to react when ‘without you’ is released 


This gif……it stalks me. I swear. I seem to use it all the time.

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Just give me without you and everything will be okay 


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